The Gentleman's Lunch Club

of Kent and East Sussex

"If you let your enjoyment of food lead your diary, then life is always better!"

Next Meet

The Blackboys Inn


26th June - start 12.15

The Blackboys Inn

26th June - 12:15

What we do

An informal gathering

We meet every month at a different location for lunch from 12.00 - 14.30 to enjoy the Pubs and Restaurants of Kent and East Sussex. Lunch is a mutual event and the cost of food and drink is split evenly among the participants, no matter how little or much everyone eats and drinks.

Step into a world where camaraderie, culinary delights, and unforgettable experiences collide. The Gentleman's Lunch Club is the ultimate haven for discerning gentlemen seeking a respite from the mundane. This is where memories are made and bonds are forged.

But the Gentleman's Lunch Club is more than just a place to savour delectable dishes. It's a sanctuary where like-minded individuals converge, sharing stories, laughter, and the occasional friendly competition. Engage in lively debates, discuss the latest sports events, or simply revel in the pleasure of good conversation with fellow gentlemen who appreciate the finer things in life.


Kent and East Sussex

Our geographical reach



No Vegans, Vegetarians or Teetotallers


Pub or Restaurant

If the food is good...



Fine wines or Beers

About us

Traditional and Modern

We look to find pubs and restaurants that are offering great food with flavour, style and freshness. Where the venue goes that little bit further with the quality of the meal and offers great service to match it.